Ken Block has taken the world by storm with his Gymkhana videos, showing off his car handling skills that quite clearly pay the bills but his souped-up Fiesta is a little, er, tame compared to this.

EMC, a cloud computing and IT solutions company, decided it would be a good idea to raise the Gymkhana video viral bar by enlisting the help of a 200-tonne mining truck.

Said monster machine packs a heady 2000hp and measures-up at the size of a small house but that doesn't stop Mike Ryan of Mike Ryan Racing fame skidding, spinning and sliding this gigantic machine around a closed skidpan.

According to the blurb accompanying video, precision-drifting a truck around a bunch of priceless objects is "an apt metaphor for how mega market-leader EMC manages your priceless and fragile data..."

Fantastic piece of marketing spin but rally the video is a showcase of some awesome driving in an even more aw-inspiring machine.

And yes, it has a Dubstep soundtrack.