Revolutionary flying bicycle could make dreaded morning commute a dream


Revolutionary flying bicycle could make dreaded morning commute a dream

British creators John Foden, 37, and Yannick Read, 42, hope to ease the stress of the daily commute with their latest creation – a zany combination of bicycle and fan-powered aircraft.

Dubbed the Paravelo, this extraordinary personal mobility invention fuses a fold-up bicycle with a fan, a motor and a parachute to create a handy flying machine that's capable of reaching an altitude of 4,000ft and a top speed of 25mph.
> On the ground, the Paravelo appears to be a traditional bicycle but attach the trailer (complete with giant fan and engine), find a runway and the traditional two-wheeled bicycle turns into a traffic jam-busting aerial ace.

Its British creators said they were inspired by cycling in their childhood when creating the Paravelo, which costs £10,000.

Mr Fordon told the Daily Mail: "We live in Kingston upon Thames, on the outskirts of London, two minutes' walk from the birthplace of the Sopwith Aviation Company, which built the Sopwith Camel for the Royal Air Force during the First World War.

"We were enchanted by the connection between cycling and the birth of powered flight – the Wright brothers were former bicycle mechanics – so we designed the Paravelo to recapture that pioneering era."

To ensure commuters don't get lost in the skies, the crazy contraption comes loaded with a GPS tracker, which is handy considering the Paravelo does not require any official pilot's licence to operate.

Revolutionary flying bicycle could make dreaded morning commute a dream

It also packs special, high-powered strobe lights for visibility and even a built-in tent for adventurous types.

Once the daily flight to work has been completed, Paravelo customers can pack away the trailer, fold up the bicycle and stash the contraption under their desks or in a cupboard at work.

The Paravelo was brought to life with the help of the Environmental Transport Association. The charity's director, Andrew Davis, said: "For generations the car has been king, but it could now play second fiddle to the flying bicycle."

Take a look at the maiden flight in the video below

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