F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone's daughter strips off for Playboy

Tamara Ecclestone doesn't really have to work; her father sits atop a not-so-small fortune that shows no signs of abating.

Despite this, the daughter of F1 chief Bernie has decided to earn a few extra pounds by modelling in a rather raunchy shoot for May's edition of Playboy magazine.
> The first 'teaser' image released shows the 28 year-old pressed against a wall while two French maids adjust the tight black dress her posterior appears to be bursting out of.

There is no word on whether the socialite strips down to nothing but her family are said to be supportive of the racy shoot.

Miss Ecclestone received a barrage of negative comments on Twitter just hours after the snap was posted, with one user writing: "Tamara Ecclestone has all the money in the world but yet she still looks like a tramp."

Another commented: "Tacky...Money definitely can't buy class."

But Ecclestone hit back, saying: "Sad there are so many haters out there.

"Instead of worrying about my life, which I couldn't be happier in, you should probably worry about why you are so miserable and try and make your life better."

This is not the first time Miss Ecclestone has posed for a provocative shoot; back in 2011 she stripped off for snapper Tyler Shields and proceeded to roll around a bed while throwing £50 notes in the air.

See the Playboy image below: Might not be totally safe for work

F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone's daughter strips off for Playboy