Rinspeed MicroMAX commuter vehicle set to revolutionise journey to work

The Swiss are known for many things: stunning mountain vistas, sublime watches and triangular chocolate but cutting-edge vehicular concepts have never really been a strong point.

Rinspeed – The Swiss automotive creative thinkers – want to change all that with the MicroMAX concept, a car (if you can call it one) that combines all the best bits of public and private transport.
> The machine is around the same length and width as a modern Mini but features a high roof so occupants can sit completely upright, allowing them to get on with emailing, drinking or socialising via the built-in Wi-Fi, coffee machine and fridge.

Things get really clever when we delve into the technology behind the odd-shaped people carrier. The MicroMAX uses cloud technology that allows owners and users to access a community through a specially created app.

The intelligent gadget can plan the user's journey, moving the concept of car sharing into Sci-Fi territory.

Rinspeed MicroMAX commuter vehicle set to revolutionise journey to work

The idea of allowing a complete stranger to ride in your brand new MicroMAX may be daunting but with travel becoming more expensive and roads continually more congested, this could be one handy solution to our current commuter troubles.

Rinspeed also claim the MicroMAX could be manufactured for as little as £5,000 and because it runs on electricity, re-charged for very little at urban charging stations.

The crazy concept will be unveiled properly at the Geneva motor show next month.