Video: 1907 footage proves that dashcams are nothing new


Video: 1907 footage proves that dashcams are nothing new  YouTube

Scary Eastern European footage filmed on dashcams was the surprise motoring YouTube hit of 2012. However, footage dug up in Australia's National Film and Sound Archive proves this is nothing new.

It would seem that these images aren't even filmed in Australia, but are in fact of Vancouver, Canada.

William Harbeck, a filmmaker from Seattle, who later perished on the Titanic, apparently took his hand-cranked camera on one of the city's trams and just started filming everyday life from the streets.

This 106-year-old film gives a surprising insight into busy Canadian neighbourhoods at the turn of the nineteenth century, with pedestrians, bikers and even stray dogs seemingly oblivious to the tram coming towards them.

Impressively, this film also predates what was previously thought to be the oldest dashcam video by a massive 19-years.

Enjoy the film below:

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