Picking our most surprising cars of 2012 was very hard as over the last year we've been treated to some crackers.

Narrowing down the list to five was a time-consuming process and one which gave us many headaches.

Choosing the cars that didn't quite hit the sweet spot was hard too, mostly because, generally speaking, there aren't any bad cars anymore.

We thought long and hard about the cars which fell short of the mark. We could have come up with a rather more expansive list than just five, but we started to bore ourselves to sleep.

The following five cars are by no means bad but they're worse than that – they're disappointing. They've let us down in one way or another; some promised to be really good, while others were a rubbish idea in the first place.

Have your own view or strongly disagree with us? Let us know by posting your comments below.

Top five most surprising cars of 2012