Five cars that'll outlive the Mayan calendar


Five cars that'll outlive the Mayan calendarLand Rover

We're not paying too much attention to this 'end of the world' stuff at AOL Cars, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to be prepared.

That's why we've put our thinking caps on - and have come up with a list of five cars that are certain (probably) to survive any sort of apocalypse.

We reckon there are a few things you need to look out for when choosing your post-2012 transport. One of which is obviously toughness - helping the car live through the fire and brimstone in the first place.

Another is how you'll manage to manage to power it - oil and gas supplies are likely to be in short supply - and we took this into account when coming up with our selection.

There are some obvious choices, and some not-so-obvious ones too - but we've backed them up with some solid reasoning. Honest.

However, we should point out that we in no way guarantee your survival following the purchase any of the listed vehicles.

Five cars to survive the end of the world

Five cars to survive the end of the world

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