Top five Fifth Gear moments


Much-loved UK car show Fifth Gear has just celebrated its 20th series - complete with hundreds of memorable moments from Lamborghini drives to Smart crashes, and much more in between.

With the new series underway on Discovery UK - and a new episode on tonight - we've gathered together five of our favourite moments from the last 10 years of the show to keep you occupied until 8PM tonight.

Tiff drives a McLaren F1 GTR on the road

It's all well and good thrashing £500,000 supercars about on closed-off race circuits and pristine strips of tarmac, but how do they fare on the congested, pot-holed roads of somewhere like Britain? That's what Tiff was sent to find out: being handed the enviable (but terrifying) task of driving the Ferrari Enzo and McLaren F1 GTR about on some very 'normal' roads - speed bumps and all.

Killing a Mercedes E-Class

Ask anyone in the know and they'll tell you that Mercedes' W124 E-Class - that's the series built between 1985 and 1996 if you were wondering - is one of the most robust things known to man. So, Fifth Gear decided to put that to the test - and tried their best to destroy the G-reg estate with pretty limited success.

VW Touareg tows a Boeing 747

Top Gear might have towed a plane in their tractor test, but the chaps at Channel Five got there first - pulling a 155-tonne Boeing 747 with nothing more than a VW Touareg Diesel, and setting a world record in the process. What's more, they barely had to modify it to do so - simply upping the tyre pressures and adding some ballast.

Real-life loop-the-loop

"Imagine doing that with a real car..." you might have thought, aged nine, playing with your loop-the-loop Hot Wheels christmas present. Happily, the Fifth Gear team had a go - building their very own full-size version complete with a Toyota Aygo and a stuntman.

Crash: Discovery vs Espace

Whether a chunky used 4x4 or something smaller and more modern is the safer place for your children remains an ever-fierce debate. Helpfully though, Fifth Gear did their best to settle the matter back in 2006 - pitting a nearly-new Renault Grand Espace against a mid-90s Land Rover Discovery. Which came off best? You'll just have to watch, won't you.

Have we covered your favourite clips? Disagree with our selection? Why not comment below...

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