DVLA personal plates raise £4.7 million


More records were set by the Olympic- and Jubilee-themed personal plate sale at London's City Hall.

Jubilee tie-ins PR11 NCE and HA12 RRY fetched a combined total of £21,700, while Olympic plates, REL 44Y and RUN 3R, fetched £730 and £2,548 respectively.

With the European Championships just hours away, England supporter Brian Brody, aged 66, of St John's Wood, London, bought EN61 AND for £19,800. However, that was surpassed by HO11 AND which was bought by businessman John Holland, as a gift for his daughter, Kelly, for little over £25,500.

However, showing that good old-fashioned vanity plates still trump great occasions, the plate 80 O was the most valuable at £45,440, followed by OL11 VER at just under £40,000.

Finally, we salute Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations Events Manager, who said: "We are really pleased that so many people were able to find their perfect personalised registration." So there we have it – the whole event was done in order to make people happy. Presumably the DVLA will now donate that £4.7 million to charity, with the warm glow that comes from selfless service to others. Or did we get hold of the wrong end of the stick?

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