Roewe 550: Little brother


Chinese car constructor Shanghai Automotive (SAIC) presented its second model at the auto show there: one that is based upon an old Rover. This is the smaller brother of the 750, goes back to the W2 concept car and has been christened 'Roewe 550'. The original basis for the new model is a shortened variation of the erstwhile Rover 75 and is now on offer as the Roewe 750. With its length of 4.62 metres, the 550 saloon is around 25cm shorter than its larger stablemate. The engine is however the same with 1.8 litres delivering 150bhp. The visual design elements bear a marked resemblance to those of European competitors. The driving compartment has an unmistakable flavour of Munich to it, while the lines of a Volkswagen can be seen in the body.

SoftKinetic DepthSense hands-on

SoftKinetic DepthSense hands-on

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